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box cake baking tips

Do you want to know a culinary secret? Every cook enjoys using package cake mix, whether they are making at home or auditioning for The Great British making Show. We’ve got a few ideas and techniques up our sleeves to take your basic cake mix to the next level, and dare we say, make it taste like you prepared it from scratch.


1.   Use Room Temperature Ingredients


preparing advice 1: Always use room-temperature materials when preparing.Your made products’ structure is affected by the temperature of your components. Always use components that are at ambient temperature, around 70 degrees. Sift and mix your eggs, lipids, and liquids with your Mad Hungry Spurtle Set to attain that smooth batter we all know and adore.

2. Replace Water with Milk or Buttermilk


Baking tip 2: Using milk instead of water in your box cake mix creates a thick structure that keeps your treat creamy and delicious like a handmade cake. Alternatively, you can add buttermilk to give your cake a sour taste to balance out the richness.

3. Substitute Sour Cream in the Mix


Baking advice 3: don’t tell anyone about this technique! Sour cream is the key component to a luscious dessert! That’s correct. Adding 12 cup of sour cream, similar to milk, adds taste to your package cake mix. It may sound strange, but use full-fat sour cream for the finest outcomes… because calories don’t matter when you’re eating handmade cake, right?

4. Substitute Oil for Butter


Baking advice 4: To make your cake taste fuller, swap oil for melted butter in your box cake mix. Add two teaspoons of mayonnaise to this culinary technique for a different twist. Yes, mayonnaise, which gives your cake a decadent flavor.

5. Use More Eggs


Baking advice 5: This is a fantastic technique! Separate a few additional egg whites into your box cake mix with your Mad Hungry Slotted Spurtle. When you add additional eggs to a cake, the taste becomes lighter and fuller, making your treat even more delectable!

6. Add Vanilla Extract


Baking advice 6: A bit of vanilla essence, 14 tsp to be precise, is all that is required to make your package cake taste superior, even if it is handmade. Using real vanilla penetrates your cake, leaving the vanilla flavor in every mouthful.

7. Make It a Chocolate Lovers’ Cake


Baking advice 7: Using a package cake mix, you can make a rich and delectable chocolate cake. Instead of 1 cup of flour, combine 34 cup of flour with 14 cup of cocoa powder to create this delectable chocolate lover’s chocolate cake recipe. If you don’t want to use cocoa powder, simply replace the water with powerful, freshly-brewed coffee, which will give richness and a dark taste to your cake. 8. Decorate Your Cake Like A Pro


Don’t be hesitant to pile on the icing; there is no such thing as too much! Frost your cake in even stages with your Mad Hungry Spreader Spurtle. For a five-star end, homemade buttercream icing is always a good option. Decorate your cake with chocolate morsels, vegetables, or almonds like an expert. Make it a funfetti cake by simply adding sparkles, or add a little custard to make it stand out from the crowd!

Lastly, bake your cake in the

MAXX Air Fryer Oven by Kalorik. Follow these useful suggestions for the best results:

– Preheat your MAXX before baking

– Use the BAKE 2 setting instead of BAKE 1.

– When heating, always allow an additional 10 minutes. When your dessert is rising, close the door. Instead, check on your cake with the oven light.

– Rotate your cake half way through the cook time.

– Use a skewer to check if your cake is done cooling. Your cake is done if it comes out clear!

– Use your air rack to chill baked products; the feet will keep the food off your tabletop, allowing air to move and equally cool your baked goods.