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Can I use vanilla syrup instead of vanilla extract?

Imagine you’re at home mixing up Vanilla martinis for a happy hour with the girls, only to realize that you are out of the vanilla extract. Such a pity! After some searching, you discover some vanilla syrup in the kitchen cupboard. Did you rescue the day?

You may recall that natural syrups may be substituted for beverages in a variety of recipes. Still, you’ll soon find out that you can also substitute vanilla syrup with vanilla extract in cocktails, iced teas, baked goods, and more. Indeed, you did rescue the day! Replace vanilla essence with vanilla syrup, and then continue making those vanilla martinis. It’s almost time for happy hour!

Can I use vanilla syrup instead of vanilla extract?


What Is Vanilla Extract and What Does it Taste Like?

Vanilla extract is a liquid derived from the soaking of vanilla beans in alcohol. The alcohol extracts the flavor from the beans and acts as a preservative, giving the extract a long shelf life.

Vanilla extract is called for in a variety of dishes, including baked products, ice cream, custards, and even certain drinks. Vanilla extract is often advised for adding a deeper taste to coffee or tea. Although the flavor of vanilla extract varies depending on the beans used, it usually has a sweet and flowery flavor with traces of spice.

What Is Syrup?

Syrup is a sweet liquid from sugar or cornstarch to flavor food and drinks. It is usually made with cane sugar or beet sugar, and the flavorings and colorings vary depending on the type of syrup.

For example, maple syrup is made from the sap of maple trees and has a characteristic amber color and rich flavor. Other popular syrups include fruit syrups, made from fruit juices, whereas chocolate syrup is made from cocoa powder and milk. It’s also critical to understand the distinction between natural sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.

In addition to serving as a flavoring ingredient, the syrup may be used as a topping on pancakes, waffles, and ice cream-but sugar-free, low-calorie syrup choices, such as those from Skinny Mixes, are usually a far better option for all of these purposes!

When to Use Vanilla Syrup as a Substitute for Vanilla Extract

Vanilla syrup may be used to sweeten drinks or in baking recipes in place of vanilla extract. Some look to honey as an alternative to syrup, but sugar-free syrups offer the sweetness of honey without sugar or calories.

Drink Recipes

If you’re creating a mixed cocktail that needs a little additional sweetness, like a vanilla martini, you may use syrup instead of extract.

Baking Recipes

For baking, use sugar-free syrup instead of extract when just a tiny quantity is required, such as one teaspoon. In addition, if you want to add more sweetness to a recipe without affecting the flavor too much, using syrup instead of extract will help achieve this goal.

Can I use vanilla syrup instead of vanilla extract?


Pros and Cons of Using Syrup as a Substitute

It may surprise you to hear that there are several advantages to using syrup instead of vanilla extract, which include:

  • Vanilla syrup is less costly than vanilla extract since the manufacturing method and ingredients are less expensive.
  • Vanilla syrup tastes identical to regular vanilla.

There are certain drawbacks to substituting syrup for vanilla extract. Since syrup is a thicker liquid than extract and does not dissolve as rapidly, it may make baked items stickier and thicker. As a result, using syrup in place of the extract can make baked goods denser and harder to chew. While a bit of syrup can add sweetness to your food, too much syrup can make your dishes sweeter than desired.

As a result, when replacing syrup for vanilla extract, use just the amount specified in the recipe.

In Conclusion

It is usually fine to substitute vanilla syrup for vanilla extract in your recipes; however, too much syrup can make your food too sweet. Also, too much syrup may make baked items sticky and thick.

If you want to add additional sweetness to a dish without overpowering the taste, using sugar-free Vanilla Syrup from Skinny Mixes is a sensible alternative – it will enable you to add a touch of sweetness without the guilt!

Related Questions

  • Can you replace vanilla extract with syrup?

    Many people like to use maple syrup as a replacement for vanilla, using 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of syrup for each 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of extract. Some people associate the fragrance and sweetness of maple syrup with vanilla.

  • Can I use vanilla syrup for baking?

    Vanilla syrup is a simple way to add sweetness and vanilla flavor to your favorite drinks and baked products.

  • What is a good substitute for vanilla extract?

    8 substitutes for vanilla extract

    1. Vanilla paste. Vanilla paste, also known as vanilla bean paste, is a combination of vanilla extract, vanilla beans, and sugar.
    2. Vanilla powder.
    3. Vanilla sugar.
    4. Almond extract.
    5. Maple syrup.
    6. Honey.
    7. Bourbon, brandy, rum, or vanilla liqueur.
    8. Vanilla flavored plant-based milk.
  • What can I use vanilla syrup for?

    Uses for Vanilla Syrup
    Whether hot or cold, it works as a sweetener in just about any Matcha Latte Recipe, and it’s a staple in London Fog Tea Lattes, one of my favorite winter beverages. For a wonderful surprise, drizzle vanilla syrup over Ricotta Pancakes or whisk it into an Old Fashioned.