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Can you make a cake in a springform pan?

What is a springform pan?

A springform pan is a spherical baking vessel with a side clasp that allows the bottom and sides of the pan to separate. This allows for easier removal of your baked goods and creates a tall, straight side edge for elegant presentation.

Can you bake a cake in a springform pan?

With a springform pan, we do not recommend using cake batter. Since the bottom and sides of the pan do not have a strong seal, there’s a chance your batter can leak out and all over your oven.

What else can I make in a springform pan?

Fortunately, your springform pan may be used for a variety of other purposes! It works well in cheesecakes, frozen desserts (such as ice cream cake), tarts, and even deep-dish pizza. It may also be used in savory meals like chicken pot pie or pasta casseroles.

How to measure a springform pan

Place a ruler on top of the pan and measure from one inner edge to the other to determine its size. Do not measure from the pan’s outside edge, since this will include the lip. Most springform pans are 8 in. or 10 in. in size, however they may be smaller or bigger.
Place the ruler inside the pan and measure from the bottom to the top of the lip to measure the sides.

Do I need to grease a springform pan for cheesecake?

If your springform pan is going in the oven, we do suggest greasing it to prevent sticking. A nonstick veggie spray is ideal for this.
If your pan is going in the refrigerator or freezer, you don’t need to grease it, unless the recipe states otherwise. In most circumstances, a covering of plastic wrap is applied to avoid any possible adhering.

How to line a springform pan with parchment paper

  1. Tear a piece of parchment paper slightly larger than the springform pan you’re using to produce a parchment paper circle.
  2. Fold it in half from one side to the other. Fold it again, this time from top to bottom. It should now resemble a square.
  3. Form a triangle by folding the bottom right corner to the top left corner.
  4. Fold left edge to right edge one more; repeat. You should have a long, thin triangle now, almost resembling a carrot.
  5. Flip your pan over so that the bottom is facing up. Place the point of the triangle in the center of the pan.
  6. Trim the parchment paper at the edge of the pan. Unfold to form a complete circle!

How to keep a springform pan from leaking

Wrap heavy grade aluminum foil over the pan’s outside bottom edge to keep it from leaking. If you’re making cheesecake, this will also help prevent water from leaking into your pan when placed in a water bath.

But, keep in mind that this is not a foolproof method for thinner batters. Thin cake batters may leak even when covered with foil. A conventional cake pan is great for making cake layers.

How to remove a cheesecake from a springform pan

Make sure your cheesecake has totally cooled and chilled before removing it from the springform pan. Remove the side band from the pan after unhooking the clasp. If your cheesecake won’t come out of the pan, gently slide a knife beneath it to loosen it.
Next, transfer it to your serving tray or platter.
You may also serve your cheesecake in the springform pan’s bottom.

How to clean a springform pan

For best results, disassemble your pan and hand wash the sides and bottom in warm, soapy water. Let to dry fully. This nonstick springform pan may easily be washed in the dishwasher.

Related Questions

  • Is it okay to bake a cake in a springform pan?

    “Springform pans are often used for baking cheesecakes, quiches, mousses, cakes, and even deep-dish pizzas since the detachable sides enable cooked foods to be removed from the pan without flipping or pulling it out like a standard bakeware pan,” she says.

  • Can I substitute a springform pan for a cake pan?

    While avid bakers will want to have a springform pan in their kitchen, Wenk says if you don’t have one, simply use the same size of a regular baking pan and you can just serve the baked good directly from its pan. There’s no need to risk damaging a delicate dessert by removing it from its pan.

  • How much cake batter needed for a springform pan?

    Springform Pans

    1. A 92.5 inch springform pan contains the same amount of batter as a 102 inch round pan, 92 inch square pan, 117 inch pan, and a 1015 inch jelly roll pan.
    2. A 102.5 inch springform pan contains the same amount of batter as a 102 inch square pan, a 1217 inch jelly roll pan, and a 93 inch tube pan.
  • What is the difference between a cake pan and a springform pan?

    A springform pan is a kind of cake pan that is divided into two sections. It includes a base and a detachable ring that acts as the pan’s side. When you attach the ring to the base, you have a complete cake pan that functions like any other cake pan. But it’s when you pull it apart that the springform pan really shines.