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How do I drizzle glaze on a bundt cake?

How to Ice a Bundt Cake – an Easy and Beautiful Technique! Make your Bundt cakes look as pretty as they taste – with minimal effort!

Saturday greetings! I’m just dropping in with a brief article today to show you how to Ice a Bundt Cake. With all of the upcoming spring festivals, I thought it would be useful. Because all celebrations call for cake, right?

How to Ice a Bundt Cake - an easy video demonstration for making a Bundt cake look as beautiful as it tastes! thecafesucrefarine.com

Bundt cakes are by far the simplest to prepare – and the older I grow, the more I like them (I’m not sure whether it’s laziness or wisdom). They’re moist and tasty, easy to travel, and quick to make. You may serve these delectable cakes plain, dusted with powdered sugar, brushed with a simple syrup glaze, or covered with icing.

Yet, “dressing them up with frosting” has been a source of consternation for me for many years. I experimented with a variety of ways, and although the cakes typically tasted delicious, they never looked as appealing as I had anticipated. To be honest, many cakes that were beautiful when they came out of the oven were converted into ugly ducklings the moment the icing was applied.

“There has to be a simple and attractive way to accomplish this,” I kept telling myself. I was bound and determined to solve it. I think it’s the curious-cat gene or the I-can’t-stand-not-knowing gene in me. Whatever the situation may be, there is one thing I am really pleased with. To be alive in the “Google” century of the twenty-first century! Google offers an answer for almost anything I want to know.

Once upon a time (in my naive past), I said the following: “Google? What exactly is Google? That has to be the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard!” It was in the early 2000s when our son Nick first mentioned “Google” to us. I’ve had to eat my words a million times – and now days, I wouldn’t be able to function without the big G. Really, I could live without it, but Google makes a lot of things a lot easier to figure out.

So naturally, I checked out Google for my cake questions. How to ice a Bundt cake? Not much assistance there. There are some lovely desserts here, but no instructions on how to make them. There were a lot of unattractive cakes (that I’m sure tasted good).

Therefore, back to the drawing board it is. Years of effort and plenty of varied ways later, I’m glad to inform I can now bake a gorgeous pound cake AND “pretty it up with icing”. It’s almost as fast as saying “how to frost a Bundt cake”! Instead of trying to explain the technique, Scott and I put together a little video to show you how remarkably simple it is. Check it out!

Cafe Tips on How to Ice a Bundt Cake

  • Check that your frosting is thick yet pourable. You may try the procedure on the Bundt pan first. That’s what I did to ensure I understood everything.
  • To practice, lay a clean, dry Bundt pan upside down on a cake plate or cake stand and follow steps 1-4 in the recipe below. Do not allow the frosting to dry on the cake pan. If you like, you may scrape the icing off and continue practicing. You may need to re-warm it or add a bit more liquid to get the right consistency for the next run. When you’re happy with the technique, proceed to the real deal – and make the prettiest Bundt cake ever!
  • You may spin the plate or cake stand by hand or use a Lazy Susan (turning turntable).

How to Ice a Bundt Cake - an easy video demonstration for making a Bundt cake look as beautiful as it tastes! thecafesucrefarine.com


  • 1 baked Bundt cake, cooled (baked in a traditional Bundt pan)
  • 2 cups thick but pourable icing any flavor
  • sprinkles
    If desired, add nonpareils, sea salt, or other decorative embellishments.


  1. Place the frosting in a small basin or pitcher. If it’s an icing you make on the stovetop, you can leave it right in the pan, if desired.
  2. Put the cake on a serving plate or cake stand after it has totally cooled. Set plate or cake stand on a small turntable (Lazy Susan) if desired.
  3. Hold the icing-filled dish (or pitcher or pan) over the middle of one side of the cake. Begin pouring with one hand while rotating the plate or cake stand gently with the other. Just slow down and continue going around the cake whenever you want the icing to fall over the edges (see video above).
  4. When you reach back to where you began, you may either stop or, if you enjoy more frosting (like us), go around the cake again.
  5. While the frosting is still “wet,” spray it with sprinkles, sea salt, and other decorations.
  6. Allow icing to “set” for at least one hour.