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How do you grease a Bundt pan?

How To Grease A Bundt Pan – Discover the best technique to oil your bundt pan and prevent bundt cakes from sticking!

Front view of gluten-free bundt cake with chocolate glaze

I’m a sucker for a delicious bundt cake. The presentation is stunning—the forms are more detailed than on most other cakes and cupcakes. I adore how they can make a statement at the conclusion of a dinner, around a holiday, or at any kind of special occasion or celebration.

So nothing irritates me more in the kitchen than losing a portion of my bundt cake to the pan! Over the years, I’ve gotten better and better at keeping my bundt cakes from sticking to the pan, and today I’m going to share all of the best tips, tricks, and tools I’ve learned along the way.

Here’s all I know about preparing a bundt pan and keeping bundt cakes from sticking…

Overhead view of how to grease a bundt pan

Start With A Quality Bundt Pan

Before you begin, it is critical to determine the condition of your bundt pan. Is it beautifully seasoned from years of loving use? Awesome! Keep having fun! Was it ever nonstick, but the coating is now damaged, cracked, or caked with buildup? It’s probably time to upgrade. Often when your bundt pan is damaged or scratched, no amount of greasing can save your bundt cake as the nonstick coating is compromised and any scratches or dents can create spots where your cake will stick.

Modern bundt pans generally have a wonderful nonstick coating that makes them easy to remove. Nordicware Bundt pans, such as this fluted pan we used, or a lovely swirl design are both highly recommended. (But there are so many fantastic ones!) Remember, the more detailed the pattern, the more likely the cake will stay.

What’s The Best Kind Of Bundt Pan?

It will undoubtedly depend on your unique needs, but in our experience, our favorite bundt pans are made by Nordicware. Their newest pans are quite nonstick on their own, and if you pick one of the more basic patterns (such as this one or this one), the bundt pan will come out more effortlessly.

The simpler the design, the easier it will be to make your bundt cake!

Overhead view of mixing ingredients for Gluten-Free Chocolate Bundt Cake
Front view of how to grease a bundt pan

Grease Your Bundt Pan Right Before Filling

Most recipes recommend you prep your pans at the same time you preheat the oven, and usually, I’m ALL about that. But Preparing your pans for a bundt cake too far in advance might be an issue. Whatever oil you’ve used to grease the pan might flow down the high edges and pool at the bottom (which means your sides are more likely to stick and the top of the cake is less likely to cook the way you want it to).

I suggest not greasing your bundt pan until the cake batter has been combined and the oven has been preheated. That way you can add the cake batter right away and put it directly into the oven as soon as the bundt pan is greased. And speaking of which…

Overhead view of how to grease a bundt pan

Spray Or Brush Bundt Pans With Oil (Not Butter!)

We suggest liberally spraying your bundt pan with oil (the simplest method) or using a pastry brush to spread oil or melted shortening into every nook and crevice. . The milk solids in butter can actually exacerbate sticking, especially with the more intricate details of bundt pans, so it’s not the best choice for this job.

Also important to note:  I use 100% oil spray (no propellants or chemicals) instead of nonstick baking sprays since nonstick sprays may cause buildup on your pans. It deteriorates the nonstick coating. (Melted shortening is another option!)

I’ll say it again: Baking sprays (such as PAM) and flour-containing sprays are not recommended. These tend to leave a buildup on the pan, which damages the nonstick coating over time.

Overhead view of a small sieve with cocoa powder for greasing a bundt pan

Consider Adding A Barrier, Like Sugar, Cocoa Powder, or Almond Flour

Sprinkleing anything into the oiled bundt pan may help the cake cling to something other than the pan. The most frequent possibilities are sugar (which works well in most cakes and provides a nice finish), almond flour (which works best in lighter-colored cakes), and unsweetened cocoa powder (great for chocolate cakes).

I do not advocate using conventional or gluten-free flour. , since it might cause the cake to cling and have a patchy or sticky surface. (I’ll note here that some folks love using flour, and if it’s been working for you–keep on doing it! If you’re just starting off, I prefer our oil/shortening + sugar or cocoa powder approach for greasing a bundt pan.)

Front view of gluten-free bundt cake with chocolate glaze

Treat Your Pan Right

Finally, don’t put your bundt pans in the dishwasher to maintain them in good condition. Dry the pan completely with ordinary dish soap and warm water. , delving into the intricate details of the design. (A bundt cleaning brush can make this even easier, but it’s not necessary)

Metal tools should be avoided while using a bundt pan since they may scratch and harm the coating. If you must use something to help get the cake out of the pan or clean the bundt pan, choose plastic, silicone, or cloths (like microfiber). NEVER EVER USE SHARPNESS OR METAL.

Make sure to baby the pan –wash and hand dry every nook and cranny! The more you care for your bundt pan, the more likely your bundt cakes will turn out properly!

Overhead view of how to grease a bundt pan
Front view of gluten-free chocolate bundt cake that came cleanly out of the bundt pan

Our Favorite Tools For Greasing a Bundt Pan:

Front view of pouring chocolate glaze on a chocolate bundt cake

 Frequently Asked Questions About How To Grease A Bundt Cake:

Can I Use Vegetable Oil To Grease A Bundt Pan? Yep! Use a pastry brush or a paper towel that’s been dipped in oil to get the oil into every curve, crease, nook, and cranny of the pan. (Remember any place you miss can mean your cake will stick!)

Can I grease a Bundt pan with PAM or baking spray? I dislike using baking spray to grease bundt pans. They’re m0re likely to create build-up on the pan (which degrades the coating and makes it less nonstick in the future), and can sometimes add a subtle taste to the cake. To grease bundt pans, I use 100% spray oils (no additional propellants) or melted shortening or oil.

Is Butter Good For Greasing Bundt Pans? NO. I strongly advise against using butter. The milk solids can act “sticky” and cause the bundt cake to stick MORE to the pan. I recommend 100% spray oil, oil, or melted shortening instead.

What Shape Bundt Pan Is Easiest To Use? This basic bundt pan is always the simplest to use. It’s slightly smaller than some other pans, but you can fill it all but 1″ full and it bakes beautiful bundt cakes!

How Do You Get A Bundt Cake Out Of The Pan When It’s Stuck?

Even if you do everything correctly, your bundt cake may stay. (Sometimes it’s the specific recipe, sometimes you accidentally missed a spot when greasing the pan, the pan has build up, the cake wasn’t sufficiently baked, etc.) Thus, if the bundt does stick, having a backup method for taking it out of the pan is usually a good idea.

Front view of a chocolate bundt cake with a slice out of it, revealing a tender, perfectly cooked center