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How much does a piece of Trump’s famous chocolate cake cost?

Andres Serrano, an artist, has been identified as the purchaser of a tiny wedding cake presented to Donald and Melania Trump’s wedding in 2005. The artist bought the cake at Boston-based RR Auctions for $1,880 (against a high estimate of $1,500) on February 7, according to the Art Newspaper.

The three-inch-tall “chocolate truffle cake with single sugar-spun buttercream rose and gold flakes” was offered in its original (although discolored) packaging with the monogram MDT. It was given to one of the 350 guests invited to the Trumps’ wedding in lieu of a slice from the much larger, seven-tiered “centerpiece cake,” which cost $50,000 but was not served to guests because its wire infrastructure made it unfit for consumption.

It’s unclear what Serrano—who is known for using unorthodox materials in his work, such as the notorious 1987 photograph Piss Christ, for which he submerged a crucifix in a vat of his own urine—plans to do with the cake. “Artists operate in enigmatic ways,” he told TAN. “You never know what they’re planning!” I don’t enjoy talking about things until I’m ready.”

Serrano’s art has previously included the President as a topic. Trump photographed for the artist in 2003 as part of his “America” picture series, which he started immediately after September 11, 2001. “I felt we had been vilified as the “enemy,” Serrano said to Vice.

Serrano seemed to have received a nice bargain on the cake, whatever he does with it. Bustle In 2017, Julien’s Auctions sold another tiny cake from the President’s third wedding for $2,240 as a piece of collectable Presidential memorabilia.

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