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Is cheesecake actually cake, or pie?

Even though it is plainly not a cake, some individuals in the world think that cheesecake is a cake. It’s not a cake: It is a filling that is either on top of or surrounded on three sides by a crust, which is definitely not a cake.

When it is resolved, a new question arises: Is cheesecake a kind of pie? Is that a tart?

Cheesecake Is Clearly Pie

These are troubling days, and we need to prioritize the truth, even when it’s difficult. Cheesecake is a kind of pie. I’m sorry if this upsets you, but you can’t run away from reality. Let’s tackle some of the rebuttals that I know the anti-pie paid protesters are going to make:

But it’s not baked in a pie pan.

Neither is slab pie, so obviously baking in a pie pan is not a need for piehood.

Actually it’s a baked custard.

So are chess pie, lemon meringue pie, and a variety of other pies. A pie is characterized by the presence of a filling on top of a crust. You’re also a geek.

So are lemon bars pie?

Sure, I guess so.

But it says “cake” right there in the name.

Yet, Boston cream pie contains the term “pie,” and Boston cream pie is a cake. It turns out that language is incoherent! Cheesecake is a kind of pie. Cake is Boston cream pie. The universe moves forward, we will all die one day, and when all the people who have ever known us die, we will be forgotten to the dark infinity of time.

Cheesecake Is Clearly a Tart

Shut your eyes and imagine a line of pies. Consider them seated on a window sill. It’s a summer day, and there’s a breeze, and the red gingham curtains ripple gently. Perhaps the most important thing is to imagine the pies. Take a closer look now. Which of these is a cheesecake? No. A cheesecake is not a pie, but it also is not a cake. I know what you’re thinking, so continue reading:

But it says “cake” right there in the name.

Helen has already completed this task. What I’m going to say next may be shocking, but give it a minute and I think you’ll find it resonates deeply with what you already know. A cheesecake, of course, is not a cake. A cheesecake is a kind of tart.

Aren ’ t tarts small?

Maybe you — without me asking, by the way — pictured a row of tarts on a windowsill and found that you visualized something significantly smaller than a cheesecake. I accept that cheesecakes are huge for a tart, but they are still tarts.

At least we can all agree on one thing: Cheesecake is most definitely anything but cake.

Related Questions

  • Is cheesecake actually cake?

    Despite its name, modern cheesecake is not commonly considered as a “cake” (compare with Boston cream “pie”). Some people classify it as a torte due to the usage of many eggs, which are the sole source of leavening, as a key factor.

  • Why is cheesecake called cake if it’s a pie?

    Cheesecake is technically a custard prepared with dairy and eggs. There are several custard pies and custard tarts. This one is termed a cake because it rises above the bottom crust on its own, rather than burrowing down into a pastry security blanket. The cheesecake stands alone.

  • Why is cheesecake not a cake?

    Cheesecake lacks some of the fundamental elements that make a cake, well, a cake. There is no flour, baking powder, or soda in the primary custard-like mixture, for example. Cheesecake is luxurious and rich, but it’s not “breadlike”—another characteristic of a cake.

  • What is real cheesecake made of?

    A classic cheesecake is a study in simplicity. One of the most popular types of cheesecake is made with only three basic ingredients: cream cheese, sugar, and eggs. Many nations and locales have their own touch on tradition, typically using ricotta, mascarpone, and quark instead of cream cheese.