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Vegan Hot Cocoa Bombs


For the cocoa bombs:

-One bar (150g) vegan dark chocolate

-Mini marshmallows

For the hot chocolate:

-1 cup (250 ml) almond milk

-2 tsp pure maple syrup, honey or stevia.


-In a small bowl, add in your chopped vegan dark chocolate and melt in the microwave at 20 seconds intervals until fully melted.

-Take your sphere silicone mould, and add in one tsp of melted chocolate inside each sphere.

-Cover the whole surface of the mould with the chocolate, making sure to spread it evenly all around and especially the top edges.

-Place the mould in the freezer for 20 minutes until the chocolate is solid.

-After 20 minutes, carefully un-mould all the spheres, then taking two spheres at a time, place them on a hot pan for a couple of seconds to melt the edges.

-Add some mini marshmallows to one sphere, then cover it with the second sphere and close it.

-Repeat with all other spheres until you have formed all the bombs.

-To make the hot chocolate, place two bombs in your mug, then cover it with the hot almond milk.

You will find the bombs melting right away and the marshmallows coming up to the surface.

-Add in your maple syrup or sweetener of choice and mix with a spoon to make sure all the chocolate in melted.

You can add in a few extra marshmallows at the top and enjoy! 🙂