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Why do sponge cakes fall after cooling?

 What happened to my sponge cake halfway through baking?

Because sponge cakes contain a large amount of air and are based on a high proportion of eggs, they deflate more than other types of cakes when they cool after baking – if you watch carefully, you will notice them pulling away from the sides of the tin and losing some of their height almost immediately after they are removed from the oven. However, the main reason for a sponge cake to deflate during baking, causing it to dip in the center, is that a significant amount of heat has been lost from the oven, frequently due to the door being left open. The structure of the cake hasn’t set sufficiently to hold its shape at this point in baking, and the cake will deflate as the air in the cake cools and contracts momentarily due to heat loss. It will also not rise again even if the oven temperature is restored.

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    Craisins, chopped, are another interesting addition (or even raisins). Other healthy additions might include diced apples, applesauce in place of oil, finely shredded carrots, coconut, or mandarin oranges. Add a few blackberries or blueberries, but first coat them in flour to absorb some of the moisture that will be released as they bake. To your strawberry cake mix, add chopped strawberries.

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    Under-cooked Cake Layers
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