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Will nonstick cake pans burn my cakes?

Straight to the Point

For all of our baking requirements, we enjoy the Fat Daddio’s Sheet Pan. It has a removable bottom, making transferring delicate cakes a cinch, and won’t snap or buckle like a springform pan.

I’m a self-assured, cheery, and always optimistic chef. Do you want a delicious roast chicken? No worries. What about a pan of addictively crispy Brussels sprouts? I’m your guy. While I’ve definitely made plenty of mistakes in my time as an avid home cook, I’ve been at it long enough to adapt and improvise when I’m making a meal.

My confidence, on the other hand, dissipates when it comes to baking. I’ve been known to leave peach cobbler in the oven until it turned the same color as a rubber tire, and I can’t tell you how many loaves of bread have mysteriously refused to rise under my careful, anxious watch. Thus, preparing cake has always been out of the question. Cakes crumble, fall apart when I attempt to remove them from the pan, burn on the bottom yet under-bake on the top (how is this even possible? ), and so on. So I was fascinated when Stella Parks, our resident baking guru, suggested a certain aluminum sheet pan that she swears by for all types of savory and sweet baking tasks.

With a name like Fat Daddio’s, I was immediately drawn to this pan. But incredible branding aside, it really is head and shoulders above the pans I’d been relying on for all my home baking needs. This one has a detachable bottom, which makes it really simple to transport delicate cakes after they’ve cooled. And since the bottom pops out of the pan in one piece, it won’t snap or buckle like a springform pan with a latch might do.

Fat Daddio's Anodized Aluminum Sheet Cake Pan With Removable Bottom

The lightweight metal of the pan transmits heat rapidly and evenly, preventing cakes and bars from being spotty and inconsistently baked. It’s also constructed of reflecting material, which helps to make cinnamon buns, glossy fudge brownies, and coffee cakes light and delicate. Lastly, since it is constructed of non-reactive anodized aluminum, the Fat Daddio’s pan is great for preparing high-acidity meals like lemon bars and lasagna without having to worry about metal taste leeching into your food. All of these features elevate it beyond the status of a cake pan; it’s as suited to dinner rolls, hot cross buns, and spanakopita for a crowd as it is to cake.

I don’t ever intend to become a master baker, but recently this pan gave me the confidence boost I needed to try my hand at something as bold (and previously inconceivable) as this gingerbread sheet cake with cream cheese frosting. It was fluffy, balanced, and exactly as tasty as Stella’s recipe promised, and, to my surprise, it wasn’t even slightly scorched.


Is this pan dishwasher-safe?

Fat Daddio’s sheet pans should be hand-washed. The harsh atmosphere of a dishwasher may cause warping or damage to the finish of the pan. Hand-wash in warm, soapy water and completely dry before storing.

Should you use nonstick bakeware?

Nonstick bakeware may be used, however nonstick coatings tend to produce a dark surface, which absorbs heat and can result in excessive browning on the bottoms and edges of your cakes.

Should you use nonstick spray on bakeware?

This is another of those “you can, but…” situations. Nonstick cooking sprays can leave a sticky residue that builds up over time and can discolor your bakeware—not to mention make it more difficult to clean. Instead, use parchment or room-temperature butter and a light dusting of flour to help your bakeware release with ease.

Related Questions

  • Can you use nonstick pan for cake?

    If you bake a cake on a robust, dull metal pan (nonstick! ), it may bake up to 20% quicker than if you use one made of frail, thin, shining metal.

  • Why are non stick baking pans not recommended for baking?

    Teflon gases may induce respiratory difficulties such as shortness of breath, chest discomfort, and coughing. Once destroyed, the coating may simply be blended in with your meal. That’s not good!

  • Should you grease and flour a nonstick cake pan?

    Even when using a nonstick pan, it is required to grease the pan. Whether you’re using a bundt pan, cake pan, cupcake pan, or cookie sheet, applying a thin layer of grease to the sides and bottom of the pan will help your baked goods release with ease.

  • What’s the best type of pan to bake a cake in?

    Metal: High Heat, Good Results
    Metal bakeware is the best heat conductor; metal baking pans heat and cool fast, making them perfect for baking cookies and cakes.